The National Association of Media Brokers was established in 1985 as an association to promote its membership to the Radio and Television industries that its members serve.

NAMB Members have been involved in billions of dollars of transactions since its founding in 1986.

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The NAMB is proud to be a founding supporter of the Broadcasters Foundation of America. This organization - which offers financial support to broadcasters who are down on their luck - is worthy of your support as well.


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The media brokerage community is very diverse with an unparalleled knowledge base, history, and access to current licensees, new prospective entrants, former owners, and access to virtually all services related to the industry:  legal, financial, engineering, programming, and consulting in those areas of practices.

We range from individuals, to the largest brokerage firms.  All of us strive to represent our clients ethically, honestly, and with a good result.

From time to time we have expressed our collective opinions with the FCC and other regulatory agencies.

We are located all across America.  Individually and as a group we possess a broad, current, and I believe accurate perspective on the marketplace, valuations, and activity.


Eddie Esserman
Media Services Group
National Association of Media Brokers

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